24 Hour Film Competition

Friday, January 26

24 Hour Film Competition Introduction Meeting

Case Study 1


Grab a couple friends and get ready for the filmmaking challenge of the year! Attend this meeting to receive the criteria for the Student Union Activities Board’s 24 Hour Film Competition. You will be given specific words, actions, resource guides, and 24 hours to create a one-of-a-kind short film. All films will be shown the following evening and our guest judges will determine which video is worthy of a stellar prize.


Saturday, January 27

24 Hour Film Competition Premiere



Once the 24-hour-challenge is over, the Stillwater community is invited to a public screening of all films created. We will meet you in the Student Union Theater at 6:00 pm to view all of the filmmaking talent our Oklahoma State University students have. Free snacks will be available, prizes will be given out, and the crowd just might have a say!